Kris Kringle Gifts for All

Big Presents are great, but everyone knows a good Kris Kringle is always the funnest part of gift giving.

Independence Studios has got all your Kris Kringle gifting covered this year with pocket-friendly presents that are sure to have the everyone oohing and aahing as they unwrap each one!

Did we mention they are all under $20!



Our is gift buttons are our go to Kris Kringle gift. No matter how many times they are pressed, they are always hilarious. Other favourites include the Daily Mood from Fred and the is gift snap sparkle frames.


Everyone has a smart phone these days. So a smart gift is a smart call! Choose between something serious like a power bank, or something on the lighter side like the is gift smart phone karaoke.


We all know someone notoriously hard to buy for. Our functional and fun gifts for execs are sure to please the pesky person who you’re sure already has everything.


There are those of us that play Christmas Carols from November… and those of us that don’t. Our festive gifts are the perfect gift for your Christmas loving pals who Jingle all year long.


The Cap Collecting Bottle Opener from Joseph Joseph is a crowd favourite for beer drinkers and anyone who has been unfortunate enough to stumble upon a bottle crown. Never let this happen again and become the Kris Kringle Hero.


If you still can’t find your ideal Kris Kringle gift, you can’t go wrong with one of our best-selling, guaranteed giggle gifts. Who wouldn’t look fabulous in a unicorn shower cap?

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