It All Starts With Coffee

Here in the Independence Studios office, we love a great cup of coffee. It’s a morning ritual. A steaming cup full of the good stuff, at our desks, whilst we catch up on emails and get ready to take on the day.

We all have our own coffee-based habits. Most of us will pick up a takeaway coffee on our way in, always sticking to our personal cafes of choice (buying it anywhere else would be like cheating on the barista)…

What is indisputable, though, is that wherever you obtain your daily caffeine fix from, quality is key. As our kick-starter for the day, we won’t compromise on taste.

Barista & Co. have meticulously designed and manufactured a beautifully simple and aesthetically pleasing range of coffee-making equipment that emulates the taste of the best, café quality coffee.

Made from high quality stainless steel (strong, durable, won’t rust) and borosilicate glass (shatter­proof), finished in the perfect tones of Electric Copper and Electric Gold, these beauties cleverly suit both classic and contemporary settings.

As big coffee advocates, Wynona from our Buying team and Lilah from our Sales team took a break from their computer screens to try out the range, and discovered that these stylish tools really do heighten the experience of preparing your own cuppa.


Fresh coffee, fresh berries and sunshine to start the day right


The taste test – how does this home-brew match up to the girls’ usual takeaway

Available in two sizes, the Barista & Co. Coffee Plunge Pot combines serving and brewing in one unit. Due to the fine metal filter, this system produces a smooth coffee without removing any of its natural oils.

Top Tips for a Perfect Blend 

  • Pre-heat the plunge pot’s glass with boiling water, then pour out before adding the ground coffee
  • Use a medium to course ground coffee (we used Wyn’s favourite blend from Silo Espresso in Manly)
  • Use the Barista & Co. Measuring Spoon for the best ratio of ground coffee to water (we added four large scoops to the large plunge pot = 120ml)
  • Before adding to the pot, allow your fresh, boiled water to cool for 3-4 minutes, to prevent burning the coffee and spoiling the flavour
  • Add half of the water to the pot allowing the coffee to ‘bloom’ for 20 seconds
  • Ensure that once the second half of the water is added, the ground coffee is covered
  • Stir to release flavour…
  • Wait 4 minutes before plunging in one slow, steady motion, without applying excessive pressure
  • If you have made more coffee than you will drink in one go, pour the excess into a separate container, preferably glass, to prevent the coffee ‘steeping’ and producing a bitter taste. We popped ours in the fridge to drink with ice later on!

But What Should One Drink From?

For us, a highlight of the Barista & Co. experience is drinking from the ever-so stylish Metal Frame Cups. These are so pleasing on the eye that they conveniently double as a vase. So no need to hide them away in-between uses. The small plunge pot works well for a posy of blooms, too.


Barista & Co. Metal Frame Cups: The only way to serve up your caffeine fix

How Do You Like Your Milk…

…Out of the chicest Electric Copper Milk Jug, of course. This little baby was a favourite with Lilah and Wyn. We filled 1/3 with milk and then frothed using our in-office steam wand. This would be equally as handy for cold milk, be it full cream, skim, almond or soy.

All of the Accoutrements!

As we may have mentioned, the team at Barista & Co. really haven’t scrimped on the details here. You can ensure that your bag of beans stays fresh with the Metal Bag Clips and add fun detail to coffees (or even your breakfast – try yoghurt or porridge) with the Cocoa Stencils; made possible by the handy Cocoa Shakers (not just limited to cocoa – try cinnamon!)

The Verdict


Lilah – I’m a girl of habit and was a bit sceptical that a coffee I had made myself would be up to scratch with what my regular barista whips up on a daily basis. I was pleasantly surprised – the coffee tasted really smooth with just the right level of bitterness (something I have struggled to achieve when using my old plunge pot at home).


Wynona – I love the whole look and feel of the range. I am totally torn between the Electric Copper and Electric Gold range. I’m actually tempted to mix and match. The Metal Frame Cups are brilliant and a must-have for me. I have plans to serve Saturday night espresso martinis in these, using the Cocoa Stencils to decorate.


Lilah – The equipment concept is so simple, but I found that following Barista & Co.’s brewing tips helped us achieve that really high-quality taste.

WynonaI pick up a takeaway coffee on my way in to work and then usually make an instant one in the afternoon. I’ll be converting to Barista & Co. brewed coffee for morning and afternoon, as it’s so straightforward and tastes great. I’m also impressed with how easy the range is to clean and look after.


“Sorry Mr. Usual-Barista, we’ve moved on!”

So we’re on to a winner here. Let’s hope Santa brings Barista this year… Now, it’s high time for our afternoon brew!

Shop the full Barista & Co. range here  



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